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Meet Our Team

The Mitzvah Fund was founded in 2014 by Deborah Glottmann & Connie Riggs, DVM in honor of Deb's late father Saul Glottmann. Saul had a huge heart and the only thing he loved more than his family was his exuberance towards giving. Saul taught his children to perform mitzvahs from a very young age. With each Mitzvah Fund recipient, we strive to embody Saul's spirit of selfless giving.

Today, the Mitzvah Fund is run by a small group of individuals. We operate with limited resources and a handful of trusted veterinary professionals to provide exceptional veterinary care.

Deborah Glottmann

Deborah Glottmann
Co-Founder, President & Certified Veterinary Technician


Gabrielle Briggs
Operation Manager

Roberta & Passion.JPG

Roberta Haskin
Vice President
& Book Keeper

Abby & Opa

Abby Bruce
Secretary & Volunteer

David Levy.png

David Levy
Treasurer & CPA


Barb LaRosa
Veterinary Assistant

Connie & Maisie

Connie Riggs, DVM
Co-Founder & Veterinarian

8-31-22 Perce Rock - me and Belle cropped_edited.jpg

Andrea Stander
Volunteer Resources Wrangler

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