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Connie Riggs, DVM

Connie has been an animal lover since she became aware of the world around her. She decided on a veterinary career at the age of 8 and started working at animal hospitals as soon as it was legal to work. 

Connie’s academic path started at Oberlin College in Ohio as a Biology and Environmental Studies double major. She began her Veterinary Education at Cornell University before life forces intervened and she completed her DVM degree at Texas A & M University. A small animal internship in medicine and surgery followed at the University of Illinois. Then it was off into the world of small animal private practice for the next 30 years.

Connie has always believed that to care for and heal animals you need to know them inside and out. Connie accomplished that in two ways. One was owning as many different dogs and cats with as many different problems as possible. There is no better teacher than going through what your pet owners have to go through with their pets. The second way was to work at high volume animal hospitals, including emergency care, to see as much as possible in the world of veterinary medicine. She worked in a busy internal medicine practice with 3 internists for 2 years. She was the primary surgeon in a busy 4 vet practice for 10 years. Connie also worked for an animal shelter for 5 years providing all their medical, surgical, and emergency care.

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