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Our mission is to provide needed, non-emergent, surgical and dental procedures to the companion animals of Vermont veterans, low income seniors, and those who are homeless. 

We want to support our neighbors and their four legged family while facing economic hardship.


The Mitzvah Fund is proud to help other local rescues and other non-profits to treat complicated medical cases. We also help social services, law enforcement, and mental health facilities whenever they have animals in need because their human has come up against hard times. We want to try to relieve already stressed social systems during a time of need. These cases come to us from many sources.  Additionally, the staff at the Mitzvah Fund collaborate with a number of regional organizations dedicated to preventing and responding to animal abuse cases. We have fostered neglect or abuse cases awaiting court procedures.

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 Often, the animals we help are the sole emotional support system to their owner. Preventive care like dental cleanings and physical exams, for instance, frequently become a costly burden to our low-income senior clients. Due to limited staffing and lack of a full time physical hospital we can not offer emergent care. 

The Mitzvah fund tries to provides sanctuary to Mitzvah Fund recipient animals when their owners can no longer care for them. We help respond to owner relinquishment requests with needed veterinary care and boarding until re-homing is secured. We attempt to find resolutions and homes for any rehomable animal that has received our care. 

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