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For Veterinarians

Thank you for referring your client & patient in need!

Please take note of our Do’s & Don’ts…. We currently provide care for: 

  • Low income senior citizens

  • Low income veterans/disabled first responders

  • All homeless people’s pets

  • We DO NOT take emergent cases unless they are relinquishments or stray animals and still on a case by case basis depending on foster home availability. 

  • We DO NOT pay other animal hospitals to do any veterinary work.

  • We DO NOT manage or fiscally support individual chronic care cases. 


If your patient does not fit this criteria exactly, feel free to contact us directly and send along medical records. We can try to work together to figure out a solution. Please understand that we do all of our own hospitalization post-operatively and almost every patient stays with us for at least one night. Most of our clients and patients are elderly so rest and pain management is our priority. All of our geriatric referrals will have a CBC/SC/T4/UA +/- chest films prior to anesthesia if they have a murmur.  You do not need to do these before referring.

We have our own 34ft Laboit mobile practice that has a full surgical suite and dental suite inclusive of digital x-ray and digital dental x-ray.


The Mitzvah Fund is supported by grants and private donations. Our President, head veterinary nurse and client liaison, Deborah Glottmann, CVT has been a veterinary nurse for 34 years. She was President of the Vermont Veterinary Technician Association from 2005-2021.  She has been a small, large and exotic animal nurse but her passion lies with helping elderly people get to enjoy and care for their very beloved animals. Please call her directly with any issues or concerns.  


Dr. Connie Riggs is our primary veterinarian.  She has an extensive 40+ year career in veterinary medicine with a special interest in soft tissue surgery and internal medicine. Please see her biography on our team page. 

If you have any interest in volunteering or working for the Mitzvah Fund please contact us via email.


A downloadable veterinarian referral form is located here. Each potential client must fill out our application, regardless of any veterinary referral.  You can direct your client to our website and they can submit it online, or they can contact us to receive a paper copy.

Ready? Let's go!

Veterinarian Referral Form

Attach Medical Records
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