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Andrea Stander
Volunteer Resources Wrangler

Animals (mostly dogs) have been essential co-conspirators for Andrea throughout her life. At the age of eight she was sure she wanted to be a veterinarian. But by the time she was thinking about college, she realized, if she became a vet, she would likely end up adopting every hard luck case she encountered. 


Now, as she sneaks into retirement after a long career working as an executive director and advocate in the non-profit sector (from theater to farming), she is thrilled to be able to help develop support for The Mitzvah Fund's critical mission. She is also deeply grateful to have been a client of The Mitzvah Fund through the final months of her dear dog "Belle's" sixteen-year-old life. The compassionate care and helpful advice she received from the Fund's veterinary team made the hardest part of saying goodbye to a beloved friend much easier. She looks forward to helping extend The Mitzvah Fund's services to more folks for whom their companion animals mean the world to them.

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