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Abby & Opa

Abby Bruce
Secretary & Volunteer

Abby has been active in animal care and dog training in Central Vermont since 1995.  She owned Wash & Wag, grooming dogs and cats, and designed, built and operated Ruby’s Run, a state-of-the art boarding facility now housing the Central Vermont Humane Society.  Abby has taught obedience and basic manners classes from East Montpelier to Waterbury to Hyde Park always employing a positive, force-free approach.


Abby is involved in a variety of dog sports, belongs to a number of dog clubs, and is active in pug rescue. She visited hospitals and nursing homes with her therapy dog, Ruby, and has competed in Obedience, Agility, water work, and lure coursing.  She is a perennial student of dog behavior, health and nutrition and especially loves dog training.  She currently enjoys playing Agility and Rally with her talented pug teammate, Opal.   Her phenomenal husband Sean is along for all the agility rides!

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