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Laura C. Wilmot

Laura is a Vermont Certified Veterinary Technician who works remotely as a Client Care Specialist and
Inventory Manager for The Mitzvah Fund.
Laura believes that compassionate patient care, client communication and education, and building long-
lasting relationships with clients and their pets are fundamental to being a Veterinary Technician and
critical to supporting the health and well-being of our patients and their guardians.
In addition to working with The Mitzvah Fund, Laura works remotely as a full-time Client Care Specialist
and Inventory Manager for Oxbow Veterinary Clinic. She previously worked for Oxbow Veterinary Clinic
as a Large and Small Animal Technician and Lead technician for 13 years before relocating to St. Paul,
Laura grew up in Thetford Center, Vermont, and in 1989 started working as a Veterinary Assistant for
the local Veterinarian. Under the advisement of that Veterinarian, Laura decided to attend Vermont
Technical College, enrolled in the Veterinary Technology Program, and obtained an Associate of Applied
Science in Veterinary Technology degree. After graduation, Laura passed the Veterinary Technician
National Examination and became a Certified Veterinary Technician with the Vermont Veterinary
Technician Association. Laura has spent the majority of her adult life working as a Veterinary Assistant,
Boarding Kennel Manager, Dog Groomer, Boarding Stable Manager, and Certified Veterinary Technician.
Her empathy, work ethic, and love of animals are evident to everyone who knows her.
In addition to her life as a Veterinary Technician, Laura and her husband Ron are full-time care providers
for her younger brother with intellectual disabilities and have a mini-farm in the mountains of
Southwest Virginia. When she is not busy helping clients and their pets, Laura can be found in the barn
with her five horses and two goats, or enjoying time with her four Labrador Retrievers or five cats.
Laura has an exceptionally soft heart for senior Labradors in need of a forever home.

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