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Veterinary professionals that are here to help our neighbors in need.

The Mitzvah Fund provides quality care for companion animals of Vermont veterans, low-income seniors and our unhoused neighbors. We provide surgical or dentistry care for one animal per household per year.  We provide an exam, vaccinations, necessary diagnostics and radiographs for one animal per household per year. We do not provide day to day chronic care. We refer our clients back to their established veterinarians for on going care.  Please understand that funding is limited and these limits have been placed so every neighbor in need can get a chance to provide needed initial care. 


About Us

The Mitzvah Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Central Vermont. We are a small but mighty group of veterinary professionals. We strive to help the less fortunate by providing low-cost, compassionate veterinary care to qualified recipients. We primarily take referrals from other veterinary hospitals or answer the calls of social service agencies. We do all the veterinary work. We do not pay other hospitals to do work. We have a fully equipped Mobile Veterinary Surgical & Dental Clinic. We provide advanced anesthesia monitoring including ECG, Oxygen Saturation (SPO2), Doppler Blood Pressure, Capnography & Temperature. We can take full body or dental radiographs on board and forward them to regular veterinarians and specialists. 

Our mission is to help the companion animals of Vermont veterans, low income senior citizens and unhoused people receive needed, non-emergent, surgical and dental procedures. We want to support our neighbors and their companion animals facing economic hardship with quality compassionate care. Since 2012, we have assisted approximately 450 animals in need of medical assistance.


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Veterinarian Referral

Please download and complete the referral form below and forward all your patients medical records and radiographs/labs etc to


For Vets


Your donation will directly help fellow Vermonters and their animals through difficult times, assist in rehoming relinquished and abandoned animals, and help to provide treatment to rescues with complicated medical cases.

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