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Soon he'll feel like a million bucks!

Our friend Chester is a love bug. He had a full mouth extraction and bilateral thyroidectomy. He had been suffering for a long time but we were able to make things work for his people.He has Lymphocytic Plasmocytic Stomatitis. A severe body allergy to their own teeth and saliva. Once all his teeth are removed and his mouth heals, he will feel like a rock star.

He has been hospitalized for 14 days. Probably another 3-4 to go. Just know that hard cases don’t scare us but cases that have been put off for years do! We much rather see cases like this early on. He is no longer covered in pus and saliva. He loved his bath and spa treatment so much we had to video!!!

Cases like Chester are exactly why we do what we do. If you are looking for a good end of year non profit donation, please think of us. We have very many case just like Chester’s and could really benefit from some supportive donors. Happy holidays folks!!!!

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