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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

We had the pleasure of caring for the sweetest soul! His name is Ozzie. Ozzie is an 11-year-old neutered handsome hunk of love. He is loved by his momma (a retired teacher) so very much and adores his dogs and cat siblings.

Ozzie had a very rare occurrence happen to him. His mom took him in for his regular three year vaccines and shortly thereafter, he got a lump in the area where his vaccine was given. He had his vaccines every three years uneventfully since he was a kitten.

Unfortunately, he got an aggressive injection induced sarcoma. We have sent it out for histopathological evaluation to decipher exactly what kind of sarcoma it is. We don’t know why some cats have this, but it’s the reason why most veterinarians vaccinate low on their legs. If your cat happens to develop one of these sarcomas, the only potentially curative measure is to amputate the leg. They are mostly seen from vaccines but they can happen from any injection.

Ozzie loves his grub and needs to lose some weight so he can get around better but otherwise, he is a healthy and happy guy. Over time, he will learn to maneuver his one remaining hind leg more centrally and will be cruising the counters soon enough.

We won’t post any graphic pictures but please remember to check your animals often, especially after a vaccine to make sure they don’t develop a tumor. Like we said, it’s very rare but discovering it early is the best way to save the animals life...

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