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Kindness, compassion and understanding for all.

We are in the worst, hardest world we have all faced in centuries. The pain is palpable. The antisemitism aimed at our non denominational organization hurts our heart. We want warm dogs and seniors. We want healthy patients. We want an informed community and we want to do better; make things better, even if we can only affect the locals. Our heart hurts for the epic loss of life in this world, of EVERY side and belief. It doesn’t matter to us who you are, just that you are a kind human that respects and adores their animal compadre.

Let us all do whatever we can to stop the hate that brings on madness and the madness that brings on terrifying decisions. This holiday season seems dark and sad. Please... stop the insanity everywhere.

Here are some pictures of the animals and people that we helped in the last couple of weeks to shine a little light in this dark time.

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