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Finny is one of the bravest toughest little dogs EVER! His moms had trouble keeping him groomed because of COVID and his terrible dental disease was just not something they had ever experienced with an animal. Many other professionals might have reported them for neglect. Instead we opted for straight forward education, follow up and instruction. Dogs that need to be groomed can get away from older folks quickly. Dental disease in small breeds is not if, its when and unfortunately when vets have 25 employees and the costs of dentistry often make estimates from big facilities too much for elderly to take on. The pictures below are not to shame his moms they are to educate anyone wondering why we do so many dental procedures. The brown is tarter and you can see the roots of many of his teeth because of the terrible recession of his gums. Finny lost 22 teeth and he had already lost all of the other teeth in his mouth over his lifetime. He still needs follow up bloodwork and dental radiographs because he is at risk for a nasal fistula because his jaws were very spongy and there were multiple holes directly into his nasal cavity. Unfortunately, there was not enough healthy tissue to close the holes. The mouth heals very fast so we are hopeful that with long term oral antibiotics specific for bone infections and pain meds and good nutrition this little man will be feeling so much better. He stayed with us for almost a week. His moms had us check his housemates and they will be getting dentals as the owners can afford it. We have put them on antibiotics and will schedule them shortly. The Mitzvah Fund can only allow one subsidized animal to be treated per household annually. We do try to fit other household members into the schedule as the owners can afford treatment. Our estimates include bloodwork and chest films if the animal has a murmur. Most lengthy multiple extraction dentals with bloodwork and radiographs and at least one night of hospitalization are around $4-500. Remember we do not have a big staff and building to support. Finnster continues to amaze us with his healing ability!

Eating two hours after his dental! He has yet to miss a meal!

Shelf of tarter made his lips so swollen we could barely open his mouth. Notice the lower canine at a 90 degree angle from his jaw. Bone loss from infection made the canines rotate outward.

Look at all the gum recession

Amazing root exposure once we removed the tarter

His lips had 1/2 inch thick ulcers from the chronic inflammation

Snaggletooth Canine from severe bone loss

Just before his dental

Note all the swelling is gone and his face has changed shape!!

He had not gotten up on the couch in years on his own. Bad teeth can cause bad head pain so often dogs stop going up and down stairs or on and off of furniture.

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