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The Adventures of Sabrina

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Boy, did Little Ms. Sabrina have herself an adventure this weekend! Do you know when indoor cats get out, they can hunker down for up to 12 days? No food, water, or movement even. Well, on occasion, Sabrina ventures to the porch but for the most part, she is a fraidy-kitty.

On Thursday night, she ventured out the garage door and decided to hunker down. I looked and looked to no avail. I was sure this 14 year old, 5.5 pound (yes, only 5.5 pounds!), tiny kitty was done for.

At the 36 hour mark, I was completely defeated. I decided to take another look in the garage and the second I opened the door, she popped out from under the car. She drank for 10 minutes straight! Ate a little and drank some more. She has inflammatory bowel disease so she lives on meds. Oy! What a roller coaster of emotions.

Sabrina was a relinquished kitty to the Mitzvah fund because she was too much for her elderly mom at 86. She need lots of meds and care. Now she is the princess of Chez Glottmann and no one challenges her! She has been super friendly since her recent suicide attempt. I guess she is trying to show me she appreciates me. I am just glad her little highness decided 40 hours was enough.

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