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Meet Noodle the Poodle!

Noodle was a story like no other. He was found in a snow bank on New Years Eve. He was emaciated, unneutered, needed all his teeth removed and if he hadn't been a spitfire we would have opted to end his suffering. We knew he was an oldster but his bloodwork was good enough to take him to surgery. He got neutered (he had a testicular tumor in both testicles) and had all his teeth removed. They were so rotten that as you cracked tarter off, the teeth just came with it. He was starving to death because the chronic infection in his mouth wasn't helping his appetite and the systemic infection was wasting muscle away. He started eating about an hour after waking and never stopped! He was 17 when he finally passed. He was what rescue cases are all about. He had two great years and never experienced hunger or freezing temps ever again. He bossed everyone around and demanded your attention. Lots of chutzpa!

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